Gourmet pasta made with Greek yoghurt

With origins from Greece and the Greek gastronomy, Trahanoto is the evolution of a traditional pasta product.

Trahanoto is a gourmet pasta made with simple ingredients: wheat flour, Greek yogurt and slices of dehydrated onion.

It is cooked in a similar way to the Italian risotto, yet the cooking process is much easier and quicker. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to prepare a gourmet Trahanoto, depending on the recipe. The Trahanoto is the perfect basis for different recipe variations. Add the ingredients of your choice -such as mushrooms, vegetables, seafood etc.- and enjoy a tasteful dish.

The Trahanoto by NutrEat is offered in a 300g packaging, which gives 3-4 servings.

Apply all your favorite risotto recipes and prepare your special Trahanoto.

Trahanoto is a gourmet pasta made with simple ingredients